The ActiveBlock Method


ActiveBlock’s smart construction method

Is based on the principles of ecological conservation while fully paying attention to reducing construction waste and protecting the environment, not wasting wood as a natural resource and avoiding the use of materials that emit toxic gases. Our green construction is not only safer and cleaner but also enables a healthier lifestyle for the residents of the house and the possibility of saving a lot on their energy expenses and avoiding the effects of moisture and mould.


• Because it enables all the advantages you can dream of when planning, building and living in a home.
• Because on the one hand the construction process is simple and fast and on the other hand, the result is durable like no other.
• Because with the ActiveBlock method, the concrete provides stability and strength and the blocks allow flexibility in planning and guarantee a perfect finish.
• Because building with the ActiveBlock method is simple and clean and therefore saves manpower and resources.
• Because there is a win win win situation here and everyone benefits from the advantages of the method - the contractor, the architect, the client and also the environment.

Our History


It’s no secret that a good construction in high-quality concrete is necessarily a strong and durable construction. This is why concrete has been an integral part of the global construction landscape for thousands of years.

Some of the oldest concrete structures are estimated at about 7000 years old.
Concrete reinforced with iron rods is already found in a Roman villa from the 3rd century AD, but it was only at the end of the 19th century that reinforced concrete became so popular and in the 20th century it actually changed the face of architecture.
Today, reinforced concrete is used in most construction projects in the world.
In order for the building to be both strong and insulated, in the past, thick shell walls were needed, the thicker the walls, the more insulated the building was.


The ICF construction system has its origins in Germany in the 1970’s and was developed so that it would be possible to benefit from the strength and durability of the concrete together with the tremendous insulating efficiency of the expanded polystyrene or Neopor.

ICF insulation offers thermal and acoustic insulation solutions at the highest professional level in the modern construction market and offers the tenants who use it perfect insulation in all weather conditions, from the extreme heat and humidity of the Mediterranean summer or the winter cold as well as environmental noise hazards.

ICF (insulated concrete forms) are insulated molds for pouring concrete. In this construction method, the insulation panels are also used as formwork for the casting of the concrete and combine the strength and durability of the concrete hand in hand with the enormous insulation efficiency of the expanded polystyrene. The system was developed by Henk Mansen, a Dutch engineer and construction entrepreneur, and received patent status and won global excellence awards in its field.

This method is one of the most successful and common construction methods in North America and Europe in the last forty years and has proven itself time and time again in extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. 

ICF insulation contributes perfectly to the integrity of the building and the quality of life it provides to its occupants and proves itself to be incredibly strong even in the most difficult situations.

We at ActiveBlock , as well as our clientele over the years, have realized, just as they have realized in developed countries of the world, that insulated construction is no longer a luxury product but a necessity – the need to live in a house that offers us maximum protection against temperature and noise and enables considerable savings in energy resources. 

We offer an energy efficient home that is easy to heat and cool and is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. We offer green construction at its best.

The advantages of ICF construction have proven themselves in North America time and time again when they survived the test of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. The insulation made its great contribution to the integrity of the structure and the quality of life in it, for those who live in the hot areas as well as for those who live in humid areas along the coasts and for those who live in particularly cold areas.